About the girl behind Real Girl's Realm

My name is Mary and I am a 40-something wife and mom, who works as the Office Manager for my church. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 10 years and I have a teenage son, who is attending college at Appalachian State.  I love Jesus, renovating our 1960's Ranch house, fashion, and crafting with my Cricut!  My goal is to show that girls can be fashionable and girly, while getting your hands dirty and building things!

Our Wedding photo- Myrtle Beach, SC

My Family

We moved into our current home together as soon as we got married 10 years ago.  I love the ranch style and we looked at a lot of houses before I stumbled across this one.  It was not my dream house, but it had a ton of potential...and a swimming pool!  My original intention on starting this blog was to chronicle the renovations my hubby and I have done (and will be doing!) on our home, in the hopes of helping others, in the same way that we were helped through other inspiring blogs, but my initial vision has expanded to crating, Bible Journaling, and fashion as well.

I was born and raised in North Carolina and live 15 mins from my sister and parents and the house I grew up in.  I love scouring Pinterest for DIY projects that my husband and I can do and I love up-cycling old furniture.  You can check out some of my projects HERE.  I am also a little addicted to Instagram and fashion, and I love sharing my style with the world. Check out what I am wearing HERE.

5 Fun Facts About Me
  • I have my Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do!  I initially started doing it with my son, but loved it so much that I kept going after my son quit.  Even though I no longer practice Tae Kwon Do, I would like to think I could use my ninja skills if I needed to!
    Our attempt at the Charlies Angel's pose
  • I am adopted and I have a close relationship with my birth family!
  • I love Dave Matthews Band!  I have seen them in concert more times than I can count on both hands!

  • I love Halloween and dressing up in costume!  I dress up almost every year (to my family's dismay) You can find my Halloween DIY projects and costumes HERE.
    Lucy, Mad Hatter, and Flo from Progressive
  • I love to sing!  That is not to say I am a good singer...I just like to belt it out...in the car, shower, or working around the house.  I have even been known to make up silly  songs from time to time.  What can I say?  I guess I've got the music in me...and apparently it's hereditary!
I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about me and hope you will stay a while and check out everything from DIY, to product reviews, to fashion posts!  If you ever have any comments or questions, you can leave them here on my blog or email me at realgirlsrealm@gmail.com.  I get excited when I get comments!!!

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  1. I enjoyed getting to know you better Mary! We have a few things in common.
    I am black tip in Tae Kwon Do, although I haven't done it since I was 12! I did it with my Mum (who is also black tip) and my older brother who I think stopped at Red belt. I still remember some of the moves, but I don't know if my body would be able to handle it, if I went back.
    And I love dressing up too! It's so much fun!

    1. Charlene, Thank you for reading and commenting! That is so cool that you also did TKD! Its fun to meet someone who I have things in common with!


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