Thursday, August 16, 2018

How to Create a Wooden Walkway in Your Yard

This is the year for outdoor projects! My husband has been wanting to tackle a few problem areas in the yard for several years now, and we are finally doing it. Our goal was to move the pool pump and sand filter away from the deck, hide it, and create a walkway from the deck to the basement entry.

Our first task was to move the pool pump and sand filter tank from the deck area to behind the basement wall, which was a feat in itself. This meant we also had to re-rout the underground plumbing. (Thank goodness my hubby is up for the task!) We did need to enlist the help of our electrician friend to install a new outdoor outlet so we could move the power for the pump. Once the pool equipment was safely in its new home and leaks fixed, we were able to plan the new boardwalk walkway. (And by "we," I really mean "my hubby." He came up with this entire plan and I just helped build it) The next picture is what the area looked like once we re-routed the pool pipes.

We had this odd little square between the pool equipment and the concrete pool deck that was filled with small river rocks. We assume the previous homeowners did not want to concrete this area in case of plumbing issues, or maybe they ran out of money for concrete...who knows? All I know is that we HATED the river rock. I tried to make it pretty by adding decorate rocks and steeping stones, but it just filled with weeds and the rocks turned red from the mud underneath whenever it rained. So, the first order of business was to remove the river rocks.

Once the river rocks were hauled off, we used gravel to create a base for the wooden frame for the floating deck. We added a couple of more vertical studs for stability, then screwed the deckboards on top. My husband created a picture frame look around the outside edge to create a finished look.

Next, we started on the raised walkway. Once we measured out the size of the deck, we dug post holes to sink the 4X4's in with concrete in order to create a stable base for the deck. You can see below that it is built pretty much like a mini deck. Before we screwed the top deck boards in, we put down a layer of landscape fabric to keep grass/weeds from growing up through the deck.

We repeated the process for another floating deck which is a step up from the previous one and staggered by a couple of feet so that the walkway ended up in front of the pool equipment. We tied in the walkway to a landing with stairs that covers the pool equipment and allows us to access the basement entry a little easier.

Here is the finished walkway. We will eventually stain the walkway to match our deck and add flowers in the space on the left between the retaining wall and walkway, but for now it is complete! So, you may be wondering how we access the pool equipment...well, my hubby came up with a plan where the landing raises up to allow access! Cool, huh? I hope to eventually have a post up to show pictures of that process soon.

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  1. This is one of that feel good post which I look before starting my day. Thanks for this lovely post and yes, I agree with all that’s said here. Very Useful tips on garden actually. It is my dream that have a beautiful small garden at my home and after reading this post I will be going to make it soon.

  2. There's just something about wood! That wooden walkway sets ofthe yard, the color contrasts between the green grass and wood just seems so natural. Thanks for sharing.


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