Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Thankful Thursday - Part 3

This will be the last post in the #MyThankfulThursday series I have been participating in this month, along with my friend, Amanda, over at The iLOVE Project.  I have really been enjoying writing about the things I am thankful for this month, as it is so easy to take for granted the good things in your life.  This week is going to be a little different and fun, because I am going to talk about totally random and some frivolous things I am thankful for.

  • I am thankful for all of the first responders - My dad is a retired fireman and I have several friends who are policemen.  I am so grateful that they are willing to put their lives in danger everyday (especially in these times) to help others.  It is a tiring, job that takes them away from their family for days at a time and is underpaid and under appreciated.

  • I am thankful for good coffee - I know this one is silly, but I can barely function without it.  This past weekend, while I was at a youth retreat, the coffee served at breakfast tasted so terrible I could not even drink it.  I could barely stay awake during the morning service and was miserable until I was able to make it to the coffee shop to get a yummy Caramel Latte! 

  • I am thankful for clean, running water - I have a friend who lives in India as a missionary and she does not have clean water from the faucet to cook with; it has to be boiled before using.  She also does not have hot water in the kitchen to wash dishes with.  While we were at camp, our water stopped working for a little while on Sunday morning and we had to brush our teeth using bottled water.  This temporary inconvenience to us is daily life to many who live in, or are missionaries in poorer countries. 

  • I am thankful for smart phones - I honestly do not know how people made it without them! I have my calendar, the internet, GPS, Apps for everything, and anything else I could possible need to get through life in the palm of my hand.  I was probably one of the last people in the world to get a smartphone (I have only had mine a little over a year...say what?!?) because I didn't think I needed "all that mess," but now I am lost without it.  

  • I am thankful for seat warmers in my car - I know...I know....this is super frivolous, but I recently got a newer car because mine died after 15 years and  I have never had seat warmers before. I didn't really think I would use them that much, but now that it is cold in the mornings, there is nothing better than getting your bum warm and toasty while waiting for the heat to get warm!

  • I am thankful for all my Instagram and blogger friends - I am new to both Instagram and the blogging world and in a short time, I have met so many wonderful ladies!  I never expected such outpouring of support from strangers to a newbie.  I am the only girl in a house where even the dog is a boy, and most of my friends have younger children, so I do not get much "girl time."  So IG and my blog is my creative outlet, where I can be girly and talk about makeup, and fashion, and freebies. There are way too many lovely ladies to name, but you know who you are!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for accepting me, encouraging me, and supporting me on a daily basis!
I hope all of you that are reading this have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!  I hope you get to spend time with your loved ones this holiday weekend and reflect on some of the things you are thankful for, big or small. 


  1. Aww you are so lovely, Mary. Amazing things to be thankful for, missus :)
    I am definitely thankful for my faith and God's ways and how amazing it is to come across lovely people (such as yourself) even though we live thousands miles away.
    xox Nadia

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am also thankful for coming across your blog as well!!


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