Wednesday, July 31, 2019

MCM Inspired Cinder Block Wall

Do you have a plain wall that needs a little color? We did! Our deck is built on a cinderblock wall that faces the pool area. We painted the blocks white a few years ago to make the area look a little more finished, but it needed something else. 

Brighten up your outdoor space with a fun Mid Century Mural

After seeing several bloggers I follow on Instagram painting murals all over their houses, I decided to give it a go. The worst that could happen, is I would not like it and I could just paint over it.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Tips on Getting Your Pool Ready For Summer

I am partnering with HTH® Pool Supplies to share my tips on how to get your pool ready for Summer, but all opinions are my own.

School is out, which means it is officially summer and time for long days by the pool. We always kick off Memorial Day weekend with a pool party and cook out for family and friends. This means I spend the week before cleaning the deck and area around the pool, getting it ready to open. HTH® Pool Supplies make it easy to get your water ready for swimmers and you can pick it up during your next trip to Walmart!

Having a pool does not have to be a hassle. HTH® Pool Supplies make it easy to get your water ready for Summer!

We have been opening our pool for about 10 years now and each time it gets a little easier. We are always looking for ways to get it open a little quicker so we can enjoy it. We start by using a small pump hooked to a hose to drain the rain water off the pool cover. Next, we use a net to remove the leaves and debris that has fallen over the winter. Once the pool cover is mostly clear, we remove the water tubes from around the edges and remove the cover.

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