Monday, December 9, 2019

Guest Bathroom Update with Rust-Oleum

Do you have guests coming for the holidays or is your builder grade bathroom in need of an update? My bathroom was not horrible, but it needed a refresh. Since my son  (who mainly used this bathroom) was away at college, I had some time to tear it apart for a few days. See how I updated our guest bathroom over a couple of weekends with some paint and new accessories...for less than $200!

I painted the vanity shortly after we moved in with a chocolate brown paint and it just made the bathroom feel a little dark. After I painted my kitchen cabinets with Rust-Oleum's Cabinet Transformation kit and had some left over, I decided to use it to update the vanity and medicine cabinet. Here is what the bathroom looked like when I started.

I began by removing all of the drawers and taking the doors off the hinges, along with removing the hardware. I cleaned the wood using a scrub pad and the deglosser that comes in the kit. Once the wood was dry, I started painting. 

The first coat was a little streaky, probably because it was covering a dark paint. The second coat covered well and was all I needed.

After everything was dry, I put the drawers back and changed out the hardware for a modern brushed nickle pull that I found at our local salvage store. It brightened up the room so much!

Next, I got started on the floor. I prepped the tile by vacuuming then cleaning thoroughly with a degreaser form Mean Green. 

I used the new RockSolid Home floor paint from Rust-Oleum. It is a 2-step process that includes a base (which can be white or color tinted) and a top coat (I used the Matte finish.)

Application was pretty easy. I taped off around the tub and toilet using FrogTape and started rolling. It is suggested to use a 3/8" nap roller to apply the paint. I also used a small angled brush to get in the grout lines and against the wall. I applied two coats of the white, allowing to dry for the recommended time between coats. 

After the second coat had dried for the recommended time, I applied the Matte Top coat and let dry. It can be walked on after 24 hours, but needs 7 days to fully cure.

I still cannot believe the difference in the floor! It is so bright and no longer has dirty-looking grout lines. This paint is supposed to hold up very well to high traffic and cleaning. I also purchased a new set of bath mats and a towel set from TJ Maxx to complete the bright and airy transformation. 

Now, I need to re-paint the walls a lighter color and paint the ceiling and baseboards. If you give a mouse a cookie...right??? Would you ever paint your tile?


  1. I like the cabinet update. Painting my floor would make me nervous!

    1. Thanks! I hated the tile, so in my mind it could not look worse. :-) Hopefully it will hold up till we can actually replace it!


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