Thursday, April 28, 2016

Brand Love - 2nd Love Cosmetics + Giveaway! {CLOSED}

I love entering giveaways...especially on Instagram, and there are soooo many!  I lucked up and won a St. Patrick's Day Flash Giveaway from 2nd Love Cosmetics.  I did not know much about them prior to this, as I only recently started following them on Instagram.  2nd Love is a second generation cosmetics company based out of Los Angeles, CA.  They develop quality, cruelty-free cosmetics based on innovation and style.
2nd Love Cosmetics

Here are the products I received:

Glitzy Glam Glitter Palette in Mermaid- These colors are very intense and glittery.  I am not sure if I would ever have a reason to wear these, as I am not that adventurous with my makeup.

Glow in the Dark Nail Polish- I  love nail polish and I love the idea of glow in the dark polish!  It would especially be fun to wear at Halloween, or if you were going to the club (which I am too old for!)

Aloe Vera Facial Mask- This is the 2nd face mask I have ever used, and I liked it!  It went on easily and had a pleasant smell to it.  It made my face cool and tingly while it was on, and left my face feeling moisturized.  My husband and son looked at me like I was crazy, but that's OK!

Eye Shadow Duo in Go Green- These baked shadows are pretty colors with out much fall out and stay on all day with primer .  Since I have blue eyes, I do not wear green shadows that often, but the darker of the two has brown undertones, so it looks nice with my eye color.

Corrector Creme- I know the green covers redness and blemishes, so I used it under my eyes to try to cover my dark circles.  I still had to use concealer on top of it, but it worked well to minimize the redness of a blemish I had on my nose.

Color Change Lipstick- The lipstick was really cool! It reminds me of a mood ring, because even though it is green, it turned pink on my skin.  It went on as a lovely pink and did not dry my lips out.
Color Change Lipstick
I think their products are unique and I would love to try some of the other products in their line. Have you tried this brand yet?

If you want to win your own Glitzy Glam Palette in Mermaid, enter the giveaway below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you like what you see, check out their website and follow them on social media!


  1. What? You don't want to hit the clubs with me? Especially wearing that mask? :)

  2. I am really into face masks right now and that one looks excellent! Thank you for the giveaway!


    1. I have just started using them and they are great! Good Luck!

  3. I love facial masks! I got some Korean ones from a friend and am addicted now! The color change lip is neat!

    1. I need to try some more for sure! I love the color change lipstick...its like a mood ring!

  4. I try to do a face mask a few times a week and am always looking for new ones to try. I love the "mood" lipstick! Such a fun product!

    Doused In Pink

  5. love 2nd love ! I have few of their products and i been really enjoying them :)

  6. Trying to enter giveaway but am having trouble.


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