Monday, July 13, 2020

Easy DIY Leash Organizer

I was tired of fumbling around looking for the dog harness and leash in the utility closet, so I decided to make this easy organizer, using supplies I already had on hand.

This is an easy One-Hour DIY that you can customize to fit your needs.

Supplies Needed for the Leash Organizer:

Wooden Round (Or you can cut your own)
1" dowel
Painters Tape
Vinyl decal (optional)

Step 1: Pick out the paint colors and tape off the wood round (if desired.) I used samples that I already had on hand. I painted 2 light coats, letting it dry in between.

Step 2: Drill holes and cut dowel. I measured the length of the pegs and cut three to the same length using the chop saw. I used a paddle bit to drill the holes for the dowels. I only cut about 3/4 of the way so I could glue in the pegs. I also painted the end of the pegs.

Step 3: (Optional) I used my Cricut to cut the word "Walk" and the paw prints out of permanent vinyl, applying it to the wood using Transfer Tape.

Step 4: Hang on the wall using a picture hanger and hang the leashes on the pegs!

Now the leashes and harnesses are right by the door ready to go when Charlie is! How do you store your leashes?

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